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A vintage car also known as classic car is regarded as an old vehicle manufactured within the time between 1919 to 1930. These old school cars are usually owned or bought by car collectors and enthusiasts for show off , to resale or to hire out. Rwanda Car Rental Services offers a variety of vintage cars for weddings and other special events and these include the Rolls Royce, Beetles, Ferrari, Ford among other types at affordable rates , offering you a proffessional chauffeur specializing in driving classic cars of the sort. Light up your event and make an entrance in one of vintage cars, not only does this represent wealth but also shows your style and classy personality.

Planning a wedding in Rwanda and looking for that unique, classy but still affordable rental car, you should consider renting a vintage car and add spice to your party entourage. To inquire or book , simply send us an email to or call us on +256-700135510


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Telephone : +256-700135510

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Rwanda Car Rental Services is a car rental agency based in Kigali city offering sedans, safari cars & luxury bridal cars for hire at affordable rates , under favourable terms. Whether you prefer self drive in Rwanda or require a driver, we got you covered
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