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Are you planning to rent a car for long period , say a 2weeks, a month or more and looking for an affordable deal , You have come to the right place. Rwanda Car Rental Services offers reliable and trusted car hire services for all types of travelers inlcuding business people , researchers, film makers among other groups that would love to a long term car rental in Rwanda.

We have a wide range of rental cars available including 4x4 safari cars, saloon cars, pick-up truck plus 28 seater coaster buses for small groups. Our experience in handling long term deals has made us one of the best agency around Kigali city.

To inquire or book a long term car rental services in Rwanda, simply send us an email to or call us on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.



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Telephone : +256-700135510

432 Kigali Street, Opposite Serena Kigali Morning Star Buliding , Room 443

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Rwanda Car Rental Services is a car rental agency based in Kigali city offering sedans, safari cars & luxury bridal cars for hire at affordable rates , under favourable terms. Whether you prefer self drive in Rwanda or require a driver, we got you covered
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