Top 8 Things To do When on a Vacation in Rwanda

Are you planning a vacation trip to Rwanda? Rwanda is a small nation but blessed with a diverse range of fascinating natural features worthy to explore on a safari in Africa.  Many travelers love to embark on Rwanda safaris and city excursions mainly due to the country’s spectacular landscapes, hospitable people, warm weather as well as an extremely organized system of Governance. It is important to note that Rwanda is also called the “Land of a thousand Hills” due to the many rolling hills that have dominated its landscape. The country is one of the safest places to visit and a perfect place for honeymoon vacations, adventure plus leisure Holidays.

In this article, we are more than delight to present to you the top 8 things to do when on a vacation in Rwanda as follows;

Kigali Genocide Memorials

This is a memorial center where about 250,000 people were buried in a massive grave after the horrific 1994 Genocide war between the majority Tutsi and minority Hutus people. The memorial Centre exhibits an imaginary picture that tries to explain how the deadly genocide was. Other genocide memorials include; Nyamata Genocide Memorials. Apparently, the Kigali Genocide Memorials has become of the top tourist attraction in Rwanda that you should not miss on your Rwanda safari bucket list.

Gorilla Trekking Experience

Gorilla trekking is the number one reasons why there is an increased number of visitors that travel to Rwanda. The country prides in offering exclusively luxury gorilla safaris in volcanoes national park. The park is situated on the border of Uganda and DR-Congo and it famous for hosting the Mountain gorillas. However, there is a diverse range of attractions in the park which impress a lot of tourists that visit the park such as; Golden monkey trekking, Hiking, birding among others. Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park gives you a chance to explore the park and spend one hour of the gorillas while taking photos and learning more about their behavioral patterns of life in their natural habitat.

Chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzee tracking experience in Rwanda is done in Nyungwe Forest national park which is one of the great conservation areas that is rich in biodiversity. It is home to the biggest number of habituated chimpanzees that offer a remarkable safari experience. Many tourists that visit Nyungwe forest national park do combine their chimpanzee safari with other interesting activities in the park such as; Canopy walk that gives you a chance to explore the park and enjoy birding as well as sighting other exciting wildlife with in the park.

Akagera National Park

The park is famous for its amazing landscape that ranges from the mesmerizing lakes, wetlands and the sweeping Savannah Plains. This is blessed with impressive number of wildlife including the Africans big fives such as; the Rhinos, Lions, leopard, elephants, buffaloes among others animals like the huge number of antelopes, zebras, giraffes, hippos among others. Grab a chance to enjoy an exceptional game drive on your own which gives you an insight to explore the sweeping savannah plains, lakes and wetlands on your own.

Ethnographic Museum

Rwanda is one of the great destinations in Africa that has the best collection of archeological and ethnological artifacts. On this note, an Ethnographic museum was established by the Belgium government and gifted to the Kigali City. This attracted a number of tourists that come to make research and learn more about Ethnography. Upon exploring these museums, you can buy some souvenir gifts for your loved ones. A visit to the museum reminds you about the precolonial Rwanda and you will be impressed with a wide collections of art pieces like the musical drums, traditional garments, spears and bows, Woven baskets among others. This Ethnological museum is situated about 130 kilometers south of Kigali city thus it can be explored on a self drive Kigali city Tour. 

Lake Kivu

Lake kivu is a wonderful place for relaxation after your outdoor adventure safari in the amazing parks of Rwanda. The lake features a serene environment and it is surrounded by a rim of green oasis, eye catching misty mountains. Lake Kivu is the largest lake in Rwanda. A tour to the lake gives you a chance to explore Rubavu Resort Town that is adjacent to the lake in the north. While here, delight in the sunset Kayak tour which offers you a chance to interact with singing fishermen. You can as well enjoy paddling adventures that gives you an extraordinary experience in Rwanda.

Kigali city

A lot of travelers that visit Rwanda love to spend at a night in Kigali city before they proceed to their next safari destinations in Rwanda. The city is surrounded with a wide range of impressive tourist’s attraction worthy to explore on an African trip. While on a Kigali City Tour, get an opportunity to enjoy the vibrant culture, explore Kimironko market which is the largest marketplace in in Kigali. Other places to explore while in the Kigali city include; the Inema art center, Presidential Palace home to the Rwanda Art Museum, Hotel Des Mille Collins that offers best scenic views to the Rwanda city long with your favorite local or international dish.

In conclusion, it is important to note that Rwanda is a small nation but blessed with a wide range of fascinating attractions and activities that can be explored in just one day. With Mumwe safaris Uganda, we provide a wide range of 4×4 safari vehicles that can be customized to suit your safari interest as you explore the astounding tourists’ destinations in Rwanda on your vacation. Our services range from self drive safaris, chauffeur driven offers, airport/ hotel transfer services, group  among others.

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